Squeaks and Hobo

Squeaks had a good start to life. Her pregnant mother had been rescued from a bad situation one week before she and her brother and sister were born. Living in a private home under attentive care, mother and babies lived a life that bore no resemblance to what the mother had just been rescued from. At eight weeks, Squeaks and her brother Bubbles were adopted by an animal-loving family. It was all the makings of a good future.

A few months before their third birthday, the same family surrendered Squeaks and Bubbles to The Critter Connection, claiming the father’s relocation for a new job. In actuality, the son for whom the guinea pigs had been adopted had recently stopped taking proper care of them.

Squeaks was actually in good health. Having decided some time after she’d been adopted that she didn’t want to live with her brother, she’d lived for nearly three years by herself in a cage that was next to his. Shortly after arriving at our rescue, we introduced her to Hobo, a neutured male already living with us.

Hobo had been an abandonment case, arriving at our shelter Halloween 2004. He was found wandering around the basement of an apartment building, caked in feces and dirt and dust, very underweight, and extremely scared. In less than two months, we’d increased his weight from 1.7 pounds to a healthy 2.5 pounds. With a lot of handling and socializing, we got him past his fearfulness and discovered a friendly guinea pig with loads of personality.

Squeaks and Hobo hit it off instantly. In no time at all, the newly bonded pair was adopted by a family from Cheshire, Connecticut.