Sasha and Trinket

Sasha (the long-haired one) was rescued from a pet store. Just three or four months old, she was the only female in a cage with two males that were a little older and a little bigger than her. Despite the fact that the two males were starting to fight over her, the pet store’s manager and employees were slow to separate her from them. Worried that she’d get pregnant while she was still so young and so small, her rescuer purchased her just to get her to safety but was ultimately unable to keep her.

Trinket, also just three or four months old, was dropped off by her owner at a Petco near our Durham, Connecticut location. The store’s employees turned her over to our care. Unusually fearful, Trinket failed to bond with any female or neutered male guinea pig that we tried to pair her up with. She spent most of her time cowering in a corner of her cage, afraid of any guinea pigs or humans who came near her.

Because both girls had such quiet, gentle temperaments, Sasha was immediately introduced to Trinket when she arrived at the rescue. In less than 30 minutes, the two girls were following each other around their cage, sharing chunks of melon, and snuggling down together for a nap. Within the first day, both had become less shy and timid around humans.

A month later, in mid-July 2005, this harmonious pair was adopted by a family in New Milford, Connecticut.