Bubbles had a good start to life. His pregnant mother had been rescued from a bad situation just one week before he and his two sisters were born. Living in a private home under attentive care, mother and babies lived a life that bore no resemblance to what the mother had just been rescued from.

At eight weeks, Bubbles and his sister Squeaks were adopted by an animal-loving family. It was all the makings of a good future.

A few months before their third birthday, the same family surrendered Bubbles and Squeaks to The Critter Connection, claiming the father’s relocation for a new job. At the time of surrender, the real story revealed itself in an unguarded moment. The father had started a new job that required him to be out of town more often than not, the son for whom the guinea pigs had been adopted had recently stopped taking proper care of the guinea pigs and his pet rabbit (he’d decided he wanted a horse), and the mother was overwhelmed with being a “single parent” and having to check on all the family’s animals.

When he arrived at our rescue, Bubbles was underweight due to sharing a cage for nearly three years with the pet rabbit (who had a big appetite). Where a healthy weight for a male guinea pig this age is around 2.5 pounds, his weight when he arrived here was only 1.25 pounds. He and the rabbit were separated, and the rabbit went to a rabbit rescue in Connecticut.

Not too long thereafter, we were contacted by a family in New York City who had seen his picture in our list of adoptables. The family, which already owned two guinea pigs, rented a car to drive to our Durham, Connecticut, location. After meeting him, they fell in love with his friendly, enchanting little personality and took him home the same day.