The Three Amigos

Cheech, Chong & Diego

Cheech (tri-color, crested male), Chong (tri-color sheltie), and Diego (black and brown abby) are three of our special friends that will stay with the rescue as sanctuary pigs.

The boys were part of a group of 67 guinea pigs that were dropped off at a shelter in Brooklyn, New York, in December 2005. Upon their arrival here at the rescue we discovered that Diego had a very large tumor, which would require surgery, and Cheech had a smaller one that we needed to monitor. Diego had his surgery and had an extremely difficult time recovering. Fortunately, with good care and the support of his two pals, he pulled through. He now has another growth that we monitor and surgery will only be an option if his quality of life becomes compromised. Chong has been in good health; however, he needs to stay with us so that he can be there for his friends.

This tight-knit trio of amigos is proof positive that male guinea pigs can live together happily and peacefully. They spend their days sharing meals, playing, and snoozing in a life of pure contentment. Despite their rough beginnings, they are extremely social and affectionate with humans, and exuberantly greet all who come to the rescue.