Royce is a young male guinea pig who has not had a good life — but to say he “has not had a good life” is an understatement given the pain, suffering, and terror this poor little soul has experienced.

He was brought to the rescue on Dec 22, 2006, by a concerned person who felt that we would be capable of giving him the medical care and compassion that he desperately needed. We won’t say here specifically what was done to him or what his injuries were because, frankly, it turns our stomachs and gives us nightmares and would almost certainly upset children the same way (and most adults, too, actually).

What we will say is that his injuries were sustained when an elderly immigrant woman — who had purchased him not from a pet store and not as a pet — attempted (unsuccessfully) to turn him into dinner. She was from a South American country in which, unfortunately, guinea pigs are sometimes used for this purpose and, so, she saw nothing wrong with what she tried to do. We have reason to believe that the place she purchased him from is illicitly selling live animals for this purpose, and is doing so in reprehensibly unsanitary conditions.

Due to the injuries that he sustained, and the long-term consequences of those injuries, he will remain at the rescue for the rest of his life. Royce has made great strides while here in the rescue and has learned to trust his caregivers and has developed a strong bond with Cindy.