Peta and Prizim

Born in Spring 2004, Peta and Prizim are from one of our largest rescue efforts, which occurred in August 2004. We were contacted by the SPCA in Concord, New Hampshire, about a situation they had involving 45 guinea pigs. These pigs were turned in by their owner who had not cared for them properly. All the pigs were severely malnourished and loaded with mites. Because the owner had recklessly housed males and females together, many of the females were pregnant. Twenty-five of these guinea pigs arrived at The Critter Connection on a hot, humid summer day. All of the pigs, except for two, have been placed in caring and loving homes in the months since.

Peta was so severely malnourished that her body rebelled at good food and it took a long time for her system to accept the food. To this day, we have to be ultra careful with her diet because the slightest change will cause her to have severe diarrhea, which is very dangerous for guinea pigs.

Prizim was severely malnourished, pregnant, loaded with mites, and blind. Fortunately, supported by a good diet, her babies were born healthy and adopted to good homes. Because she was so traumatized by the conditions of her former home, she is petrified of other guinea pigs with the exception Peta.

The girls will stay with us permanently so that we can monitor their health and provide them with the kind of safe, stable living environment that they need.