Gabrielle, affectionately known as Geepee, has had a very tough life. Several years ago, she was dropped off at a shelter in Massachusetts along with several other companions who did not survive. From there, she was adopted by a teacher who was able to provide her with a good home at the school where she taught. Some time later, the school changed their policies and the teacher left — without Gabrielle.

The new program at the school involved breeding guinea pigs, as well as other animals; even though Gabrielle was older, they decided to use her in their program anyway. After two litters, which she safely delivered (miraculously) despite her age, she was no longer wanted in the program. Someone from the school dumped her off at a pet store, pregnant again — and, sadly, she was not wanted there either.

When the shelter manager who had originally received Gabrielle heard what had happened, she immediately went to the store and got her. She then contacted our rescue and asked if we could take Gabrielle in and give her a permanent home. Gabrielle arrived here at the end of October 2006, pregnant and underweight. We quickly got her started on a good diet, had her checked by our vet, and monitored her carefully, knowing that an older guinea pig having babies was quite dangerous. Thankfully, she delivered her babies without any difficulty.

Gabrielle has now blossomed into a healthy, extremely affectionate guinea pig who will live out her life here at the rescue.