Meet Elvis, a Peruvian (long-haired) guinea pig who is about three years old.
Elvis is one of 300 guinea pigs that were seized from a breeder during the spring of 2004. The guinea pigs were kept in horrible, filthy conditions. The former owner was arrested and the guinea pigs had to be held until the court case was settled, which took an entire year.

During that time, Elvis and his buddies had to live in small petstore cages at the shelter in Maryland. When the case was settled and the guinea pigs were available for adoption, many rescues and private individuals came forward to help. The Critter Connection was one of those rescues and took in 36 guinea pigs with the help of a co-rescuer.

Many of the guinea pigs that were seized have chronic sinus problems because of the filth that they had to live in and breathe. This condition can flare up at any time and has to be treated immediately before it turns into something else more serious. Because of this, we’re keeping him in the rescue where he can be monitored in case of problems, and where he can live out his life in the comfort that he should have known all along.