Food and Supplies

Donations of timothy hay, pine/aspen/CareFresh bedding, guinea pig food (e.g., Blue Seal, Oxbow, or Kay-Tee), paper towels, and cloth towels are always needed and appreciated. These items can be purchased and shipped to us, or an appointment can be made to drop them off at the rescue.


We have several special-needs critters who will remain in permanent sanctuary care with us. Please contact us if you are interested in sponsoring a special-needs critter.

Donations By Check

We accept donations by check for sponsorships or supplies. Gift cards for local grocery stores, PETCO (which is relatively close), or Staples or Office Max (to buy paper for flyers and care brochures, or to pay for photocopying of these resources so that they can be handed out at adoption events or at the time of adoption) are also much appreciated. Donations can be mailed to The Critter Connection, Inc., P.O. Box 371, Durham, CT 06422.

PayPal Donations

We accept donations for sponsorships or supplies through PayPal. Any amount will help and will be greatly appreciated. To go to a secured PayPal page, please click on the PayPal button that appears throughout our Web site.

General donations are used for supplies (e.g., food, hay, fresh veggies and fruits, bedding, tunnels and playthings for the cages) and veterinary care.

All Donations to the Rescue Are Tax Deductible

In May 2006, the Internal Revenue Service approved our application for Section 501(c)(3) status. While recognition of our non-profit status expanded the range of options for financial support that we can receive, it also means that contributions made to us are deductible on your federal income tax. We will, at your request, provide you with a suitable receipt for all donations whether in cash or in kind.

Putting an application together for Section 501(c)(3) status requires an extraordinary amount of work, and could have been even more so had it not been for the help and support of Christopher William Hoyt, Esq., of The Hoyt Law Group, LLC. We and the animals we save — now and in the future — extend him our deepest gratitude.