Contact Us

Cindy Kuester and Whitney Potsus are the primary points of contact for the rescue.  To avoid delays, confusion, or duplicate replies, we have divided the public service responsibilities as described below.

June 1 , 2014–If you are making an inquiry about adoption, surrender, abandonment or seizure cases, or fostering, please see the January 2014 item titled “Update Regarding Adoptions & Surrenders” on our Rescue News page.

Inquiries About Adoptions, Surrenders & Abandonment or Seizure Cases

Please e-mail Cindy with inquiries about

  • the guinea pigs we have available for adoption
  • becoming one of our foster homes
  • surrendering a guinea pig from a private home
  • guinea pigs that have been abandoned
  • guinea pigs that have been seized by the authorities as part of neglect or hoarding cases

Inquiries About Publicity, Events & Education

Please e-mail Whitney if you are:

  • a member of the media, and would like to speak with us about advertising, public service announcements, or articles that you’re doing
  • a library, school, or other organization, and would like us to speak to your group about pet rescue and adoption, small animal care, or children and pets
  • organizing a pet adoption, rescue, and education event or fair
  • hosting an event at a veterinary hospital or pet store and would like us to set up a guinea pig information booth
  • asking questions about our Web site, blog, or other online projects
  • an employee of a municipal or regional “all species” shelter requesting use of our guinea pig care fact sheets and brochures

Inquiries About Care, Behavior & Medical Issues

Both Cindy and Whitney answer care-related inquiries. Priority is given to e-mails about medical issues, and then to more general questions. We do our best to answer general questions within 24 hours, but it sometimes can take us up to 48 hours to respond if we’re especially swamped.  We ask for your understanding that immediate responses are not always possible as both women work during the day and often can only check e-mail during their lunch breaks, after work hours, and on weekends.

While we have dealt with a huge array of medical problems in guinea pigs, and can usually give you possible causes of symptoms that your guinea pig is showing, we are limited by what we can do in e-mail.  In person or by e-mail, even with all our experience, we are no substitute for the hands-on diagnosis and treatment provided by a veterinarian who specializes in the small exotic animals.

If your guinea pig is in critical condition, or displaying severe symptoms, we implore you to make your first action a phone call to a veterinarian’s appointment desk — not an e-mail to us. Problems escalate very quickly in guinea pigs and other small animals, and a delay of even a half-day can be dangerous for them.

Contacting Us By Mail

If you prefer not to use e-mail, our postal address is:

The Critter Connection, Inc.
P.O. Box 371
Durham, CT 06422