Guinea Pig Care

We could fill an entire Web site with information about the care, feeding, and housing of your guinea pigs, and, in fact, there are many books and Web sites out there devoted to our favorite subject. While we’ve given you a crash course here on our site, we thought we’d list some of the resources we use.

  • Guinea Lynx has loads of information on the care of guinea pigs, as well as medical advice (not to be substituted for a vet visit).
  • The Proper Care of Guinea Pigs by Peter Gurney. Hailing from England, Gurney is one of the world’s leading authorities on guinea pigs. The chapters on “Mending and Minding” and “Maintenance and Behaviour” alone are the worth the price of this book.
  • Guinea Pigs by Katrin Behrend is also a good investment. The chapter Checklist for Health Problems and Diseases — which lists symptoms, possible causes you can treat yourself, dangerous accompanying symptoms, and possible diagnoses needing immediate veterinarian attention — is very helpful.
  • A New Owner’s Guide To Guinea Pigs by Karen Bawoll. This book covers everything from identifying the different breeds of guinea pigs to a questionnaire to help you determine if a guinea pig is right for your home to information about guinea pig behavior to an extensive list of foods and plants that are poisonous (or simply not good) for guinea pigs.

To download copy of these instructions in PDF format please click here.

Important Note

While some of our information highlights the kinds of things that can make guinea pigs ill, please remember we are not veterinarians and the illnesses we’ve mentioned are not the only ones that guinea pigs are susceptible to. We share advice based upon our experiences and information from our own vets. Should your guinea pig become ill, please seek medical help immediately. A guinea pig will go downhill very quickly, especially when the illness is a cold or diarrhea.