Travel Carriers

All guinea pig owners need at least one travel carrier for transporting their guinea pigs anywhere, including to the vet and to wherever you board your pets while you’re on vacation.

Transporting guinea pigs by any other means, such as cardboard boxes, plastic storage boxes, cages, or in a towel in someone’s arms or lap is not safe and is unacceptable. Sudden stops or other sudden movements in a car could cause injuries to a guinea pig if they slide around in an unsuitable carrier.

If you are adopting guinea pigs from us, or are dropping off and picking up guinea pigs for our vacation boarding service, you must have an appropriate travel carrier with you. Carriers should be equipped with towels or puppy pee pads to line the bottom and give your guinea pigs’ feet some traction and a towel/fleece pouch/cozy cup for them to curl up in and stay warm. Hard-sided carriers are recommended for guinea pigs over soft-sided carriers.

Any carrier that is marketed for cats is large enough to accommodate a pair of full-grown guinea pigs, without being so large that they could slide around as much as they would in a box or cage.

Product Recommendations

Some good carriers include:

The Petmate Portable Kennel, which features secure locking doors on the top and front of the carrier. The top opening makes it easy to slip food into your guinea pigs while they’re in the carrier, and to check on them in the car without risk of them slipping out.

The Small Kennel Cab, which features a secure locking door on the front of the carrier. The carrier provides only one way in and out.

The Cabin Kennel featurs a slide lock on the side and opens from the top. The wire vent on the top of the carrier provides a small door that you can slide back so that you can slip food into the carrier, or even your hand so you can check on them during travel.