Critter Comforts

Before you bring home your new guinea pigs, you’ll want to have everything you’ll need to care for them already on hand at home.

Below is the list of things you must have on hand to start with.

  • Cage with a solid bottom (not wire) and ample room for the number of guinea pigs you have.
  • Carefresh, aspen, or pine bedding
  • Guinea pig food pellets
  • Timothy hay
  • A hide-house or two (e.g., pigloo, waffle-block house, or wooden house)
  • Food dish
  • Hay rack, basket, or ball
  • Water bottle (minimum 16 ounces)
  • Travel carrier

Below are some things you’ll want to add with time:

  • Funnels / Chubes / Tunnels
  • Snuggle Snacks / Cuddle Cups / Cozy Cups
  • Brush or comb
  • Kabob holders / Veggie Holders

To find out some of our product recommendations, see our pages in the Guinea Pig Care section.