Cage Purchases

We highly recommend C&C (cubes & coroplast) cages for guinea pigs because they provide substantially more room for guinea pigs to live and play in than the cages found in pet and pet supply stores. These cages are easy to build, easy to clean, and easy to enlarge (even creating a second level).

Prior to adoption, you can buy the materials for these cages from Cavy Cages. The Cavy Cages Web site provides a helpful table that shows you what size cage you need for the number of guinea pigs you have.

Additionally, to make it easier for adopters to get the materials for these cages in time for the arrival of their new guinea pigs, we stock and sell the materials at our location. This way, when you come to pick up your new guinea pigs, you also can select and purchase the materials you need for the cage dimensions you want.

If you’re interested in purchasing a C&C cage from us, please let Cindy know when you schedule your adoption appointment with her. This gives her time to ensure that she has all the materials on hand.