Our Adoption Process

To ensure that guinea pigs find the right humans, and vice versa, we have a defined adoption process.

  1. Check our adoption postings on Petfinder.
  2. E-mail us with the name of the guinea pig(s) you are interested in.
  3. Fill out the adoption application (see the For Adopters page).
    • You must be 18 or older to complete and submit an application.
    • If you are 18 or older and living with a parent or guardian, proof must be provided of their knowledge of your wish to adopt and their willingness to have animals brought into their home.
    • If you rent, proof must be provided of your landlord’s knowledge of your intent to adopt and their permission for you to bring animals into your rental home.
  4. After we review your application, we will contact you to set up a phone interview. During this call, we review your information, ask questions, and answer any questions you may have.
    • Multiple family/household members may participate in this call.
    • At least one adult must be on the call.
  5. If your application is approved:
    • If the guinea pigs are direct-from-home adoptions – We put you and the current family in touch with each other. Appointments to pick up the guinea pigs are required.
    • If the guinea pigs are in our custody – We set up a time for you to come and meet our guinea pigs. Appointments to meet the guinea pigs are required; we are a privately run rescue with volunteers who work full-time and live in different locations. Sometimes, appointments require a little extra coordination to get humans and animals at the same location at the same time.
  6. Allow a full hour for the appointment. This gives you and the guinea pig(s) some time to get acquainted, and for you to ask questions.
  7. Bring cash or check for the adoption fee.
  8. Bring a suitable carrier to bring your new pet(s) home in.

Picking Up Adopted Animals

If, during the application process, you identified a specific pig/pair of pigs that you want to adopt, you must pick them up within 10 days of your application being approved. For a guaranteed hold beyond this 10-day period, an additional fee will be charged.

This policy had to be instituted after several guinea pigs missed out on new homes because of hold requests that extended too long (blocking us from adopting the pigs out to other interested homes) and then were canceled when adopters switched their choice to other animals in the rescue.

Adoption Of Pairs & Single Pigs

Guinea pigs are very sociable animals, and are happiest and healthiest when they live in pairs (or slightly larger “colonies” if proper housing is provided). All guinea pigs must be adopted in pairs, or go to a home where there is already another guinea pig.

You can see from our postings that we have many pairs who have already bonded with each other from several weeks or months (and sometimes years) of living together. We will not split up a bonded pair.

If you already have a guinea pig for whom you are seeking a friend, we usually have several guinea pigs of both sexes who have not yet been paired up with partners.

Can’t Choose?

If you can’t choose from our adoption postings (it happens more than you think), or already have a guinea pig and aren’t sure what to look for in a new companion, fill out our application. When you e-mail it to us, provide some extra description of your lifestyle or, where appropriate, of the guinea pig you already have.

Because we spend so much time with our guinea pigs, we have a very good feel for their individual personalities and needs and can suggest ones that will fit into your home environment. We have a history of very well-made matches between guinea pigs and other guinea pigs, and between guinea pigs and humans. We are happy to help.