Rescue News — 2012

December 2012

New Products Added To Our Zazzle Gallery

We’re slowly expanding our Zazzle gallery with some new items. There are a number of note cards featuring nature photographs shot by Cindy, as well as some adorable photos of her rescued labs (be sure to check out rambunctious Jackson in Blooming Puppies). Jester — who may be the most photogenic guinea pig in the history of guinea pigs — makes his debut as a greeting card and as a mousepad. And that’s just to start. All purchases made in our store help support the rescue. We’ll continue to update everyone here and on Twitter (@ctguineapigs) as we add more products.

July 2012

Swingley Comes To Work For Us

Aimee Belair, who designed our logo and our My Kids All Have Fur and Whiskers merchandise, is heavy into rubber stamping and paper crafting in what little bit of free time her guinea pigs allow her to have. She has graciously set things up for us to receive 100% of all sale revenue of her adorable Swingley downloadable digital stamp. According to Aimee, “digital stamps are basically another phrase for clip art. Designers just give you access to download and print out the image on your own cardstock and use it for whatever projects you like. You can also sell your own projects using the digital stamp. It’s a growing trend.”

The stamp costs just $2. You can find it on Aimee’s Inkerbelle web site, in the right-hand column. Invite this cute little guy into your own crafting! We also invite you to create a note card design and donate it to us to use in our Zazzle gallery (we always give creator credit on the back of the card).

Deep Gratitude To Our Guardian Angels

We want to thank everyone who responded quickly to our plea for help. We were bowled over by the reaction in just the first 24 hours, when three supporters stepped in to fund a month’s operating expenses. Not even two weeks after we put out our call, we had nearly 3-1/2 months’ worth of operating expenses in the bank. We thank you, and the piggies thank you!

June 2012

We Need $2400 In Order To Make It To Labor Day

We’ve had tough spells before but 2012 is proving to be the tough spell that won’t end. For the first time in 8 years, we don’t have any confidence that the rescue can keep its doors open unless some guardian angels appear in answer to our prayers.

Between the rescue and its foster homes, we have 26 guinea pigs under our care. Monthly expenses are $800 a month, donations at the holidays were down, and the summer months have historically been dead zones for donations. Given the thin trickle of donations throughout the spring, this summer’s potential dead zone is more worrisome than we can describe. We haven’t had any serious adoption inquiries in more than two months, but have a constant stream of emails regarding surrenders, to the tune of at least five a week. A large percentage of the surrenders we’ve taken in have turned out to be unadoptable special needs pigs, and too many times the surrendering owners do not make donations to help cover the cost of care or medical expenses.

The rescue’s bank account has been drained, Cindy has been tapping into her personal finances to care for the pigs, and is facing the prospect of dipping into retirement savings if donations don’t come soon. We badly need donations of any size to help with the monthly expenses for food, hay, cage bedding, fresh veggies and fruit, and medical care.

We depend on donations and adoption fees. These primary sources are supplemented in smaller ways through other channels, including vacation boarding fees, iGive earnings, Zazzle earnings, occasional donations of supplies and fresh produce, and the occasional grant through corporate giving/matching programs. Right now, however, because we’re full, vacation boarding income will be down. And, frankly, Cindy is exhausted.

There are several ways you can make a donation to the rescue, including PayPal. If you are interested in adopting guinea pigs, please check our adoptables list or contact us directly, as some of our pigs are not listed on our Petfinder page. All donations are tax-deductible, and gratefully received.

We also could use some responsible and reliable foster homes with experienced guinea pig handlers. We have 6 babies that need fostering so they can get the appropriate socialization. Two of them are a very young pair of females that just came into the rescue and will need to be held for a couple of months on pregnancy watch.

April 2012

8 Years & 1,000+ Piggies

Our 8th anniversary is marked with a tremendous amount of uncertainty about our future — more than we have faced in any previous year. While we wrestle with our present and worry about our future, we celebrate our past. Because there is much to be grateful for in the last 8 years.

Loving, committed adopters. Gentle foster “parents” who helped socialize babies and rehabilitate traumatized and stressed piggies. Volunteers who have helped clean cages, wash water bottles, trim nails, groom hair, give baths, and transport critters in need to safety. Supporters who faithfully shop online using iGive and frequent our Zazzle gallery. Fans who retweet us and talk about us and guinea pigs on Facebook. Donors who continually contributed what they could, whenever they could, understanding how everything adds up.

You all have played crucial roles in our success and survival. We hope we can continue to count on your support, and your help in spreading the word that all animals depend upon our compassion and stewardship.

March 2012

12 Pigs Taken In From Brooklyn Hoarding Case

We’ve just taken in 12 guinea pigs from a hoarding case in Brooklyn, NY, that also involved ferrets, rabbits, hamsters, gerbils, mice, pet rats, cats, and we’re not entirely sure what else. (What we know about is overwhelming enough.) Sean Casey Rescue pulled the animals from the residence, and Animal Nation transported the guinea pigs, rabbits, and ferrets to rescues here in Connecticut and the hamsters to a rescue in Westchester County, NY.

While the ferrets and hamsters were discovered to have some health issues of varying degrees of severity, the 12 guinea pigs were in surprisingly good condition — plump, calm, highly social, clean, healthy, and in very happy spirits. There were 9 males and 3 females. Luckily, two of the females were paired together so only one female is on pregnancy watch due to being paired with an unneutered male.