Rescue News — 2011

December 2011

20 Pigs Taken In

We end the year with a bang by taking in 20 guinea pigs that have been living in a garage. With the help of several rescues — HaltRescue (New Jersey) and Lifelongtails (Buffalo, NY) — and the members of the GuineaLynx community, these pigs will be cared for until good homes can be found. HaltRescue and Lifelongtails will be taking in 11 to 12 of the pigs, and the remaining pigs will be fostered for The Critter Connection. The first step will be to assess their health and treat for any illnesses, mites, or lice that they may have.  After that they will be transported by volunteers from the GuineaLynx community to the other rescues. Donations to The Critter Connection, HaltRescue, or Lifelongtails will be helpful and greatly appreciated!

February 2011

Spoil Your Pigs & Help Ours At The Same Time

This month, we’re the featured rescue in the Rescue Donation Program run by Jen’s Custom Crafts, which sells beautifully hand-crafted fleece beds, sacks, pads, tunnels, and hidey houses for small and furry critters. All month long, 10% of all Jen’s Custom Crafts sales will be donated directly to us via either merchandise or cash.  If you’ve never heard of Jen’s stuff, you can read our blog posts about her tunnels and  hidey houses. If you’ve been thinking of spoiling your piggies with some new cage accessories, this is a great time to do it!

January 2011

Mother Nature Knocks Us Down

The roof on the Kuester’s quonsett hut collapsed from the weight of the snow it was bearing, resulting in the loss of everything that was stored in there — personal items and a large inventory of rescue supplies. The latter includes (but is not limited to) extra C&C cages, carriers, hay, and $300 in cage bedding that Cindy just purchased. (No animals or humans were hurt in the collapse.)

The need to replace $300 worth of bedding is a huge burden in itself, and the loss of the other rescue supplies just adds to the financial near-devastation. We’re asking for monetary donations (only) so that Cindy can restock as soon as new storage space becomes available. You can donate by PayPal or by check (mail to The Critter Connection, P.O. Box 371, Durham, CT 06422). Donations of all sizes will be gratefully accepted, and acknowledged with a mailed receipt (to help with tax-deduction documentation). We thank you in advance for all your help!