Rescue News — 2010

July 2010

Our New Web Site Is Launched!

We’re delighted to announce the launch of our new Web site. Jennifer worked her tail feathers off getting all the photos sized and placed for us, fine-tuning the CSS, and setting up the oh-so-cool photo album of Minerva’s friends, while Jeff had more of those incomprehensible technical details to pound on for us. Please take time to browse our new site, and visit often as we’ll be adding a lot of new content in the coming months!

You can read more about our GiveCamp experience on our blog.

June 2010

“Nerd” & “Geek” Will Never Mean The Same Thing Again

GiveCamp is over and we, like the 23 other non-profits who were helped during this event, are absolutely blown away by the effort, late nights, all-nighters, creativity, and dogged determination that the “technies” poured into their assigned projects. Our team consisted of three people: Jennifer Morris (designer) and Jeff Morris and Abe Rosner (developers). Jennifer had the job of creating a new Web design theme around the spirit of Aimee Belair’s logo, while Jeff and Abe were in charge of an array of nearly incomprehensible technical details — including an unexpected rat’s nest of problems between our (now-former) Web host and our selected content management system.

Jennifer more than delivered with the design, and Jeff and Abe rolled an immeasurable amount of agita and stress off our shoulders and onto theirs. We’ll be rolling out the new site in the coming weeks and cannot wait to show off the team’s work!

May 2010

Rescue Gets Selected For A Technology Upgrade

We’ve been picked for some accelerated Web site help at New England GiveCamp in Cambridge, MA , next month. Although this is the first time GiveCamp has been held in the Northeast, GiveCamps have been held around the U.S. since 2007. It’s a brilliant concept — pair up talented and good-hearted technology professionals with non-profits who badly need affordable (read: free) tech help. GiveCamp is a 48-hour event (Friday evening to approximately dinnertime on Sunday night) where designers, developers, database administrators, marketers, and web strategists donate their time and talents to provide software and Web solutions for area non-profits. The event will be held June 11-13 in the Microsoft offices at the New England Research & Development Center (the NERD Center — get it?).

April 2010

We Barely Scratched The Surface On Blog Talk Radio

Glo and Whitney had a hard time containing themselves to 60 minutes on April 19 — which is usually what happens when animal lovers get together to talk! We talked about guinea pigs, responsible pet ownership in general, the rewards of volunteering with animal groups (or any non-profit, actually), and the caution all pet owners need to exercise when researching care information online. The entire recorded interview can be listened to on Glo’s site. (And thanks, Glo, for sharing your enthusiasm for our Web site.)

Upcoming Interview On Blog Talk Radio Show

The rescue will be interviewed on a Blog Talk Radio Show (A Variety of Pets) by Glo, a proud mom of multiple pets who launched a business to help educate current and prospective pet owners. The interview will be on Monday, April 19 at 7 p.m. (Central Time) for one hour, and Whitney (the rescue’s vice president) will be answering Glo’s questions. The interview can be heard live on her site. The show will be recorded and posted on Glo’s site immediately afterward so you can listen at your convenience.

February 2010

New Original Design In Our Zazzle Gallery

With Aimee Belair’s help, a pet project has come to fruition in the rescue’s Zazzle gallery. For those folks who live with (mostly) well-behaved furkids, Aimee has created a “badge of honor” specifically geared to guinea pig owners. Featuring another one of Aimee’s delightful drawings, the sentiment is simple but proud: “My Kids All Have Fur and Whiskers”. To start with, she has the artwork on a magnet, a card, and shirts. More product options are on the way.

Valentine’s Day Cards Now In Our Zazzle Gallery

Ellen Falbowski (the rescue’s board secretary) and Joanne Colangelo (our boundlessly enthusiastic cheerleader) have been busy beavers. The result is an expansion of our guinea pig-themed note cards and greeting cards in our Zazzle gallery, beginning with three Valentine’s cards and one “thinking of you” card.

We’re extraordinarily fortunate to have a good friend in Joanne, who is from Mahopac, NY. A talented pet photographer, Joanne has been working with rescue groups and shelters for more than 20 years. Joanne and her six rescued guinea pigs are a perfect match: Joanne has a talent for taking imaginative and fun pictures and her piggies clearly love to pose! Joanne is donating her photos to the rescue to help its fundraising efforts.