Rescue News — 2007

December 2007

2008 Rescue Calendar Is Here!

The Critter Connection’s first ever calendar is now on Zazzle! Featuring photos of Minerva, Pogo, Jester, Topper, Butters and Thomas, Skye, and other piggies who have come through our doors, this full-color calendar is a great way to keep track of your appointments, support the rescue, and spread the word to friends and co-workers about guinea pig rescue.

The calendar is available in three sizes, all suitable for home or office, and you can even pick the color for the wire binding. Get yours today!

Shop On Zazzle & Support The Rescue!

Over the last 18 months, we’ve been asked frequently about whether we have new t-shirts or note cards for sale. Our answer has had to be “No” because we didn’t want to take money away from the critters to pay for product inventory.

Aimee Belair, a longtime rescue supporter, is building us a gallery on Zazzle of t-shirts, sweatshirts, note cards, totebags, and stamps. The products use photos of rescue pigs, and also the new logo created by Aimee for the rescue. A percentage of every purchase initiated through our gallery will benefit the rescue critters.

We’ll be continuing to add products, including new note cards featuring photos of the rescue pigs. We invite you to start visiting the gallery in the meantime and checking out what’s available.

October 2007

The Rescue Is Full…

We regret to announce that the rescue is presently filled to capacity and unable to take in any more guinea pigs until further notice.

If you are an owner needing to surrender your guinea pig(s), there are a number of guinea-pig-friendly Web sites where you can post your own adoption notices. You can find a list of these sites on our Guinea Pigs 101 lens over on Squidoo (look under the heading “The Adoption Option”).

We will honor contractual promises with Critter Connection adopters in the event that they need to return the guinea pigs they adopted from our care.

When we once again have room and are able to take in guinea pigs, we will post an update here, on our Pig Notes blog, and on our Petfinder page. In the meantime, we appreciate your understanding.

… & Needs Your Help!

Summertime is a tough time of year here at the rescue: slow adoption rate, slow donation rate, slow recruiting time for new volunteers. This year is no different, and the slow economy here in Connecticut has made for even leaner times than usual.

We’re asking our supporters and previous adopters, and good-hearted passersby, to make donations to help us cover the cost of care and supplies for our full house of sanctuary pigs and adoptables. No amount is too small to make a big difference to the critters. Checks can be sent to The Critter Connection Inc., P.O. Box 371, Durham, CT 06422. Or drop a donation through the PayPal button in the right margin of this page.

Additionally, with holiday shopping around the corner, please start your online purchases through IGive. A percentage of every purchase will be donated to the rescue — at no additional cost to you. With nearly 700 stores in the IGive network, any shopping from DVDs to office supplies to business card printing to school clothes can help support the rescue. If you don’t already have an IGive membership, click here to sign up for your free account.

And last, but not least, please promote guinea pig adoption to family members, friends, and colleagues who are considering adding guinea pigs to their household.

June 2007

An Evening With The Kids At Hartford Public Library

On June 27, we participated in the Hartford Public Library’s summer youth series, in a joint appearance with the Ferret Association of Connecticut (F.A.C.T.) and Hopalong Hollow rabbit rescue. Attended by a few parents, one teen-ager, and many kids under 10, the presentation covered basic facts about guinea pigs, ferrets, and rabbits and the care they require. To read more about what happened at this presentation, check out the article on our Pig Notes blog!

May 2007

Get Pig Notes By E-mail

You now can get the latest articles from our Pig Notes blog delivered straight to your e-mail inbox! Just click over to the blog, enter the e-mail address to which you want articles delivered, click the Subscribe button, and follow the easy on-screen prompts from there. Once you receive the confirmation e-mail and follow the easy instructions there, you’ll be all set! You get e-mail when we publish a new article — and only when we publish a new article. Sign up today!

April 2007

Celebrating 3 Years & More Than 500 Second Chances!

With our third anniversary upon us this month, we’re looking back on all that we’ve done and realized why the last year flew by as quickly as it did. We’ve worked with shelters along the upper East Coast to help save dozens of guinea pigs from some of the most deplorable, neglectful conditions anyone has ever seen, created new relationships with rescues near and far, found a monthly home in Pets Press, expanded our Web site and our blog, placed more than 140 guinea pigs in safe and loving homes, and continued to increase our visibility in the community. That visibility has led us to other major milestones as well: 400 Rescues (last spring) and 500 Rescues (last fall). At the beginning of our fourth year, we find ourselves awaiting the imminent arrival of our next milestone — 600 Rescues.

We thank our adopters, fosters, and donors for supporting us and helping all these animals; you have played critical roles in the rescue’s success and longevity. We hope we can continue to count on your donations and your help in passing along the “Adopt — Don’t Shop” credo. These animals — as with all animals who share this planet with us — are depending upon our compassion and stewardship.

March 2007

Another Successful Adoption & Education Event

We participated in a wonderful animal rescue “open house” event at Secret Lake Dog Training in West Simsbury. Organized and hosted by Karen Moulton, the open house brought together rescues from around Connecticut. We are grateful to all of you who came to West Simsbury to talk with us about guinea pig adoption, make donations, and toss a few dollars into the event’s raffle drawings. Congratulations to Diane in Torrington, who won our raffle basket for her new guinea pigs. And we again thank Karen for the invitation and all her hard work on behalf of animal rescues in Connecticut.

March Is Adopt A Rescued Guinea Pig Month!

Thanks to the efforts of the ASPCA, March is Adopt A Rescued Guinea Pig Month — and we intend to make a lot of noise on the subject all month long! In addition to our planned appearance in West Simsbury on March 24, and the articles published in Pets Press, we’ve doubled the size of our Web site with new care information, new links, new checklists and other information in our Adoptions section, and new profiles and photos in our Success Stories and Sanctuary Pigs sections.

Be sure to check the Pig Notes blog frequently throughout the month as we’ll be publishing a lot of new articles — and we hope you’ll share your thoughts and experiences along the way by posting comments to the articles. You’ll also want to check our Guinea Pigs 101 and How To Spoil Your Guinea Pig pages over in Squidoo all month. Please consider supporting the rescue by ordering some toys and supplies for your guinea pigs through those pages (we get royalties on every purchase initiated through the product links there).

You also can support the rescue by registering for and using IGive for all your online shopping (even online shopping for office supplies!) — this month and throughout the year.

If you know of anyone thinking of adding guinea pigs to their home, please encourage them to adopt — not shop!

February 2007

Guinea Pigs Make The Cover

Keep your eye out for the March issue of Pets Press, due to hit newsstands and mailboxes soon. In honor of Adopt A Rescued Guinea Pig Month in March, you’ll find guinea pigs all over the issue! Rescue-pig-turned-cover-model Jester helps educate readers on how to tell if guinea pigs are right for their home and lifestyle. In another article, Buffy and Sedona help describe where rescue pigs come from — the good, the bad, and the deplorable. Look a little further and you’ll find Newton and Skeeter modeling in an ad for us (and doing a fine job of it).

Mark Your Calendars — Adoption & Education Event

We’ve just signed up to participate in an animal rescue open house on Saturday, March 24 from noon to 4 p.m. This event has been generously set up and organized by Karen Moulton of Secret Lake Dog Training in West Simsbury, Connecticut. Karen has lined up several New England animal rescues, and dogs, cats, and exotics will be represented. She is sponsoring the event not only to gain exposure for the rescues in our area, but also to give us all a chance to help educate the public about responsible pet ownership.

You can find Secret Lake Dog Training in the Farms Village Plaza located at  244 Farms Village Road in West Simsbury. Karen has posted more information about the event on her Web site. We hope to see you there!