Rescue News

January 2014

Update Regarding Adoptions & Surrenders

With Cindy needing to go out on a second medical leave, we are unable to accept surrenders into our custody at this time. (This does not apply to former adopters needing to surrender guinea pigs they adopted from us.) In certain dire circumstances of neglect, abuse, or abandonment, we may be able to help but will have to assess on a case-by-case basis.

If you need to rehome your guinea pigs, and can house them until a new home can be found, we will put their photos and information on our Petfinder site, screen adoption applications, and put suitable adopters in touch with you. We’ve done this for dozens of people and have a 100% success rate in getting guinea pigs placed. To pursue this option, please email 2-3 photos, their names, and brief descriptions of their temperament, their comfort level with kids, other animals they’re used to living in a home with, and so on.

There are two other dedicated guinea pig rescues in the Northeast: Turtle Hill Sanctuary in Vermont and Have A Heart in NJ. Each of us is close to capacity when all three of us are fully operational. With our rescue unable to take in surrenders, people we have turned away have contacted the other rescues, especially when they have bonded pairs that they are trying to rehome together. If you do contact them and they can help you, we respectfully ask that you make a donation to them.