Small Animal Rescues

Sadly, guinea pigs are not the only small animals in dire need of rescue and help in Connecticut. Many people do not realize how many specialty rescues exist in the state for exotic and small animals.

We are increasingly working with other specialty rescues in the state, in the hopes of improving public education about how to select and care for these animals, and changing the way they are sold in stores.

We urge you to share these links with friends and acquaintances who are considering bringing any of these species into their homes as pets. There are many many animals out there waiting to find new, loving, permanent homes. The more people who “opt to adopt,” the better!


Lazicki’s Bird House & Rescue, Inc.


Chinchilla Depot

Forever Feisty Chinchilla Rescue


Ferret Association of Connecticut (F.A.C.T.)


The Hedgehog Welfare Society


3 Bunnies Rabbit Rescue, Inc.

Rabbit Allies of Connecticut

Hop A Long Hollow

The House Rabbit Connection of Massachusetts and Connecticut